The Magic of Namibia

Namibia, a land of wide open spaces, arid landscapes and rugged beauty.
The name alone conjures up ethereal visions of endless sandscapes and towering ochre dunes, but there is more to this ancient landscape than initially meets the eye.

Travel to Namibia, by its very definition, is off the beaten track – we are not a mass tourism destination, we are not everyone’s cup of tea; but for those who do venture to our largely unpopulated shores there is magic.

Ours is a magic of freedom and space, freedom to move and space to breath deeply and absorb your surroundings. In a post-Covid world we are the destination where social distancing comes naturally!

Ours is a magic of diversity, Namibia is not a pure safari destination. Namibia is about the rugged landscapes, the arid desolation of the ‘land God made in anger’, the diverse cultures of its people, and the abundant wildlife

Ours is a magic of story telling, Namibia is a nation of born story-tellers, where histories have been passed down from one generation to the next. Where petroglyphs adorn the walls of caves and overhangs. From tour guides to the person serving you at the restaurant, everyone has a story to share.

Ours is a magic of time; in Africa things slow down, in Africa you need to slow down as well. Take the extra time, stay a little longer, move a little slower – you never know, the leopard might just have been hiding in the undergrowth at the waterhole, the desert elephant might be just around the next bend in the river.

Ours is a magic of love, there is no love in the World, I believe, quite as great as Namibia’s love for rain and flowing water. Namibia is the only Southern African country with no perennial rivers within its borders, which makes us enormously aware of our reliance on this precious resource, and the rainy season is enough of a reason for the entire nation to celebrate.

Ours is a magic of colour, as the sun moves across the sky from the early morning when the jagged mountains and desert plains are painted with the soft hues of a pastel brush, to a mid-day sky so blue that it is impossible to describe; to the day’s end, when the last rays of the setting sun light up the clouds with shades of orange and crimson, you know that tomorrow you will find even more magic here.

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