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The Namib Desert Fairy Circles

Dating back more than 55 million years, the Namib Desert is believed to be the oldest desert in the World; and stretches the entire length of Namibia’s west coast. In the local Nama language ‘Namib’ means “place where there is nothing” and seeing as this arid landscape makes up more that 15% of Namibia’s driest

A Brief History of the Zambezi Region

When you think of Namibia, the typical images that the name conjures up are those of vast open spaces and desert environs, but I have said it numerous times before and I will continue to do so; the word that I think best suits Namibia is ‘diversity’. If you look at a Namibian map, and

Why does Travel and Tourism matter?

After two years of being in the throes of a global pandemic, there are many, reassuring signs to make us cautiously optimistic that, from here on out, we could see governments look at ways of living WITH Covid, rather than trying to lock the borders and throw away the keys – one thing we have